Primer Manufacturing Plant

The Waterbury Farrel Primer Manufacturing System consists of Metallic Components (Cup & Anvil) Manufacturing Line, Primer Mixture Preparation Plant and Primer Filling, Assembly & Packaging Line. Cup and anvil manufacturing line includes presses for primer cups and anvil and support systems for feeding, cleaning etc. Primer mixture preparation line consists of primer input chemical preparation, primer mixing, explosive residue treatment system, laboratory etc. In the primer filling line, the primer detonating mixture is transferred to primer cups, dried, assembled with paper & anvil, varnished and finally packed in boxes.

Lead Wire Manufacturing Plant

The lead wire manufacturing line consists of electric melting furnace, agitator, lead pump, billet casting machine, billet shear, lead wire extrusion press and spoolers. The rated output for the lead wire manufacturing is up to 650 kg/hour.

Ballistic Testing System

Waterbury Farrel supplies complete systems to test internal ballistic (chamber pressure, action time and pressure gradient), external ballistics (velocity) and terminal ballistic (accuracy and terminal effect) capability for the ammunition. The test system consists of universal receiver for barrel, barrels, pressure checking by piezoelectric transducers or crusher, light barriers for velocity checking, automatic target, flash detector, climatic cabinets for high and low temperature ballistic test, manual cartridge assembly devices for the shooting range, cartridge drilling device (for pressure testing), primer sensitivity checking equipment and automation system with data acquisition, processing and printing.


Waterbury Farrel also supplies complete laboratory equipment required to test/verify the quality of all input material, finished components and assembled cartridges.

Production Gauges

Waterbury Farrel also supplies complete production & inspection gauges.

Conveyor System

To complete the plant with internal components, transfer systems and to minimize the inter-stage handling by operators, an automatic component transfer system with conveyors and elevators (wherever applicable) between the equipment can be supplied upon customer preference.  

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant consists of filtration/sedimentation to remove contaminants, removal of oil residue, treatment system for acid/alkaline and explosive residue. The treated clean water can be either recirculated back to the manufacturing processes or safely released to the environment.

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