Waterbury Farrel has a well-earned reputation for developing innovative and productive equipment for drawing and forming metal parts. The world-renowned “Eyelet Press” was originally developed by Waterbury Farrel. Today, Waterbury Farrel offers a variety of multiple-station transfer presses. Each is a self-contained, automated production line.

Waterbury Farrel presses allow for the formation of a complete part, including simple assembly operations, in one uninterrupted cycle. A single press does the whole job - from metal strip, blanking or cupping to finished parts. This allows one operator to oversee two or three machines without any unnecessary material handling.

Whether you need simple tooling and easy changeover for short-run jobs or high speeds for volume production, a Waterbury Farrel press will allow you to do the job reliably and profitably.

Choice of models includes horizontal redraw, die-set transfer and individual cam-operated plunger (ICOP) machines with production speeds from 30 to 275 pieces per minute. A full line of hydraulic presses is also available. Models range from 15-ton to over 600-ton maximum forming capacity.

Waterbury Farrel Metal-Forming Presses serve a multitude of industries around the world, including the automotive, electronic, electrical, dental, cosmetic, novelty, packaging, furniture, soft-drink and military industries.