Waterbury Farrel Turn-Key Plant Solutions

Waterbury Farrel began shaping the course of history with innovative machinery design in 1851 and developed an impressive product portfolio of presses, rolling mills, drop hammers, cold heading machines, slitters and shears.

Today, Waterbury Farrel designs and manufactures high quality machinery for the metals and ammunition industries. Under our ISO 9001-2008 certification, we combine our process and machinery expertise to build fully integrated turnkey manufacturing facilities.

Waterbury Farrel provides arsenal equipment and services offering complete turnkey ammunition facilities. Our international reputation for innovative, reliable processes and equipment production facilities is demonstrated by a century’s worth of excellent uptime safety records.

Production Package

Waterbury Farrel will supply single or multi-machine packages up to entire integrated plants with fully-developed, fine-tuned tooling. This ensures single point responsibility for specialized part production via integrated press and tooling supply.