Weigh and Gauge Machine

Weigh & Gauge Machines

The final step in the Waterbury Farrel ammunition production system is an automated, integrated electronic Weighing and Gauging system. Visual checks verify every measurement of the ammunition in profile. This is followed by a high speed weighing system capable of discerning variations in cartridge mass of less than one hundredth of a gram. Parts are accepted or rejected individually based on user defined parameters, aiding in overall plant optimization. For calibers ranging from pistol to medium caliber, our machine will inspect and ensure the quality of up to 240 cartridges per minute.

The Waterbury Farrel line of Weighing and Gauging machines includes:

  • Cartridge Weighing and Gauging
  • Case Weighing and Gauging
  • Compunent Weighing and Gauging
  • Visual Inspection

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