Blank & Cup Manufacturing Machine

The Waterbury Farrel Double-Action Case Cup Press has been developed for high-volume production of a variety of case/bullet cups ranging from pistol to medium caliber. Our machines are capable of delivering a reliable production capacity of up to 1800 case cups per minute using your choice of case material.

Lead Swaging Machine

The Waterbury Farrel Lead Slug Machine will produce consistent formed lead slugs designed to be inserted into formed bullet jackets without any further shaping. Bullets filled with slugs from the Waterbury Farrel Lead Slug Machine were proven to have the most consistent weight and ballistic performance. For calibers ranging from pistol to small ammunition rifle caliber, our machine will produce at a capacity of up to 250 slugs per minute.

Steel Core Swaging Machine

The Waterbury Farrel Steel Core Swaging Machine is your solution for upgrading small ammunition ball bullets to penetrator bullets or non-NATO calibers. The fully formed steel tips from our Steel Core Swaging Machine can be inserted into the head of a bullet jacket and will produce consistent weight and ballistic performance. 

Bullet Assembly Machine

The Waterbury Farrel Bullet Assembly Machine produces complete bullets, undergoing forming/assembly processes such as feed cups, draw, redraws, pointing, feed steel/lead cores, boat-tail, cannelure etc. in one continuous uninterrupted cycle on a single press. The finished product is high quality and guaranteed to produce consistently superior ballistic accuracy to bullets produced using competing machines. 

Bullet Jacket Machine

The Waterbury Farrel Bullet Jacket Machine is used in the manufacturing of big rifle calibers like 12.7mm & 14.5mm and medium caliber bullets. This machine produces bullet jackets from cups undergoing forming processes such as draw, redraws, pointing, trim etc., in a single press before it gets ready for bullet assembly in a separate press. 

Case Manufacturing Machines

The Waterbury Farrel Pistol Case Machine is unmatched in production quality and reliability. Using double tooling our machine is capable of forming pistol/small ammunition rifle cases from cups at a rate of up to 250 cases per minute.

Head Turning & Mouth Trimming Machine

The Waterbury Farrel Head Turning & Mouth Trimming Machine is a special machine-tool that precisely machines the extraction groove and trims the case to the required length. The machine is designed for a rated output of up to 125 ppm and also to keep chips and scrap out of the machined cases. 

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