Gauge and Weigh Machine (Bullet/Case/Cartridge)

One of the most important steps in the Waterbury Farrel ammunition production system is the automated, integrated electronic Gauging and Weighing system for individual components before assembly and the final completed cartridges. These machines have been designed to automatically gauge all the critical dimensions of the finished components or complete cartridges. This machine is capable of detecting the specified defects and rejecting parts which do not meet acceptable limits. All parts which are not within the accepted tolerance are rejected and segregated into groups determined by which dimension is out of tolerance. This machine is equipped with multiple rotary turrets connected with transfer wheels. The machine runs on a continuous and smooth motion allowing accurate gauging/measurements without any interruption. The machine is provided with different types of sensing system like inductive/capacitive sensors for go or no-go checking, analog sensors for measuring and vision system for flash hole checking. The maximum theoretical capacity of the offered machine is 250 pieces/minute.


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