2-HI Mills


Hot, Cold & Temper Mills


Designed for hot or cold rolling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, these 2-Hi mills are ideal for breakdown, run down, tempering and skin pass operations. All mills are built to customer specifications, with rolls of forged steel, cast steel or chilled cast alloy iron to meet application requirements. Complete lines of accessories for both new and existing mills are available.


Skin-Pass Temper Mills


Waterbury Farrel Skin-Pass Temper Mills will produce a significantly improved quality and yield of hot-rolled coiled sheets. Skin-Passing prevents material elongation to a tolerance of less than 1%, improving gauge, uniformity, flatness and surface hardness without compromising ductility or surface finish. Skin-Pass Temper Mills also eliminate the abrupt yield point variation which exists in low-carbon steel sheet, creating an ideal material for cold-forming operations.

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