ICOP Press


The Individual CAM-Operated Plunger (ICOP) Press is a universal die set press with low-cost tooling systems: simple punches, die inserts, stripper sleeves and transfer fingers. Independent stations permit easy tooling changeover with reduced downtime. These improvements as well as the elimination of carrier strips and multi-row blanking realize significant yield savings. The versatile Waterbury Farrel ICOP Press will perform the function of several lesser single function machines, allowing minimization of capital and labor costs.


Waterbury Farrel ICOP presses are built in five standard frame sizes depending on the required number of stations, and a High Tonnage (HT) Press is available as an option.


Each ICOP Press integrates up to 14 different forming operations. These include blanking, cupping, drawing, step drawing, wiping, drifting, fluting, ironing, reverse drawing, bulging, curling, necking, body flanging, bottom piercing, stamping or embossing, threading, beading, knurling, side-lettering, bumping, side piercing, top flange piercing, trimming and many more.

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