Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) System


Waterbury Farrel Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) Systems ensure close-tolerance strip at the push of a button. The system automatically maintains extremely tight gauge tolerances as the strip passes through the mill at up to 1,000 meters per minute.


The Waterbury Farrel patented AGC monitors strip gauge and corrects any variation within milliseconds. Corrections are transmitted to an accurate, highly-responsive hydraulic servo screwdown system monitored by precision high-response gauges. A state-of-the-art PLC system with sophisticated interface and operational software provides auto stop, multi-point slowdown through the length of the coil, management printout data, and an automated rolling schedule. The AGC System is much more effective and accurate than the screwdown design used on traditional mills, eliminating inherent "backlash."




  • Automatic stopping at end of coil
  • Automatic slowdown within the coil for potential trouble points or bad spots
  • Strip quality data (strip chart recording and printout)
  • Diagnostic software/self-testing hardware modules
  • All hardware conveniently packaged in the main operator's desk
  • Management printout data
  • Automated mill setup
  • Imperial and/or metric gauge setting
  • Automatic zeroing of gauges


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